I started writing songs on the acoustic guitar around 2009, and I’ve been recording some of them this fall with the goal of completing a demo album. You can also listen to it on spotify!

Sometimes I make electronic music to experiment with arrangements and structures. The lyrics are often an afterthought, but they occasionally form into something meaningful.

I worked with Highland Kites in 2015 to record backing vocals on the tracks β€œFreckles” and β€œLet Me Run”. I was also in a music video with them.

Between 2008 and 2010, Forest Tapley and I wrote and played together as a band. We performed at City Lights Cafe in Sylva, NC every Wednesday for a while, but we mostly just entertained our friends, our families, and ourselves. Before I left for college and he moved across the country, we recorded some of the music we had written in high school.

I’ve been writing music on the piano since 2006, when I started taking lessons in middle school. In college, I worked with my piano instructor to record some of my early songs.